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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have the answers! If the answer to your question is not included below, please feel free to call any one of our offices and if you are a current resident, please call the leasing office affiliated with your building.

Application Questions

Do you allow pets?
Alden Brown & Co. does not allow any pets with the exception of caged, harmless, quiet, non-mammals. This allows for fish in aquariums under 20 gallons, lizards, quiet birds, etc. but no cats, dogs, mice, etc. The only exception is the Penn VII property.

What is the standard lease term?
Our standard lease term is a twelve month lease. Upon completion of one year, the lease transitions to a month-to-month contract giving you the freedom and convenience to stay as long as you wish or to move with a 30 day notice.

Do you offer a 6 month lease option?
We currently do offer a six month initial lease option. However, an additional charge of $50 is added per month in order to cover turnover costs. Following the initial 6 month lease period your lease automatically transitions to a month-to-month lease with the additional $50 charge remaining in place.

Do you charge an application fee?
We currently charge a $45 application fee per applicant.

What are your rental criteria?
You may review our rental criteria in our Rent and Occupancy Criteria.

Rent Payment

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the first of the month. A late fee is assessed after midnight on the 5th of the month if we have not received your payment by then.

What is the late fee for rent?
The late fee for rent is $75 added to the rental amount due. This fee is added at midnight on the fifth of the month.

Lease & Renewal

When does my lease expire?
Please refer to section one of your lease for expiration information. If you need a copy of your lease, please call or email our main office at (303) 839-1112 or and we would be happy to send you a copy.

How many days notice do I need to give if I plan on moving?
All leases end on the last day of the month. You must give 30 days written notice due on the first of the month prior to your move out date. If you want to move on a date other than the last day of the month, you may do so, but you are responsible for rent to the end of the month. For more specifics please refer to your lease, in particular section 14.

When Will I receive my security deposit?
We will mail your security deposit to you within 60 days of your move out date. We mail it to the forwarding address you provide us on your move out inventory.

Do I need renters insurance?
We highly recommend renter’s insurance. It is however not required.


How do I make a maintenance request?
The easiest way to make a maintenance request is by calling your affiliated leasing office. If for some reason they are not available or it is after office hours, you may also fill out a maintenance request form online. Then simply click follow the directions to submit the form. Your request will be sent in an email form to our maintenance supervisor.

What is the 24 hour maintenance emergency number?
Only maintenance problems considered of an emergency nature are handled after hours and on weekends. For apartment emergencies outside of normal business hours please call (303) 839-1112.

What classifies as a maintenance emergency?
The following are considered emergency maintenance problems:

  • No gas, electricity, or water throughout the apartment
  • No heat
  • Water leaking or backing up into the apartment
  • Possibility of fire from electrical malfunction
  • All toilets in the apartment are non-functioning
  • Any other maintenance-related problem which may affect your immediate safety and that of the building

What do I do if there’s a water leak?
If your toilet is clogged or is overflowing please turn off the water to the toilet. During normal business hours call your affiliated leasing office, or you may call our main line and our 24 hour emergency line at (303) 839-1112.

What do I do if I smell gas?
If you smell a faint natural gas odor:

  • Make sure all burners on your stove are off
  • Open the windows to clear out the gas smell
  • Check the pilot lights on your gas stove to make sure they are lit
  • If you can’t find the source call our office at (303) 839-1112

If you smell a strong gas odor:

  • Immediately extinguish any embers and flames including candles and cigarettes
  • Open your windows and leave the apartment immediately
  • Do not use anything that may create a spark, do not use your cell phone or turn off the lights as you leave
  • Call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-2999
  • Lastly call our emergency maintenance number at (303) 839-1112

Utilities & Other Questions

What utilities are included?
This varies from building to building, however, in almost all the buildings heat, a/c, gas, water, and trash utilities are included. The only item you are responsible for is your electric bill. Please call your affiliated leasing office for the specific details about your building.

What are my parking options?
Parking at the buildings are reserved parking only, and the number of spaces and price varies from one building to another. Please contact your associated leasing office or our main office to reserve a spot or be placed on the waiting list, if one exists. Street parking is also available and may require a city permit. Please check with us for more details.