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Rental Occupancy Criteria


General Requirements:

  • A valid Government issued I.D. with a picture must match name given on application.
  • Applications are processed in the order in which they are received and only when received in full.
  • Partial and falsified applications results in the denial of the application.
  • The total security deposit required is that of the least qualified applicant.

Income Requirements:

  • Gross monthly income must be at least three (3) times the base monthly rent.
  • Two (2) most recent paystubs are required for income verification.
  • Income of all applicants for an apartment is combined for qualification purposes.
  • New hires must supply an offer letter with compensation terms, formal start date, and new employer’s contact information on company letterhead.
  • Applicants unable to provide verifiable income sources must show a liquid asset balance of at least two (2) times the total lease amount for three (3) consecutive months prior to application date.
  • Self-employed applicants must show proof of income through prior year’s tax return and a recorded business name must be verifiable with state records.
  • Inability to show adequate verifiable income or verifiable legal sources of income, i.e. undeclared tips or under the table revenue streams, results in the denial of the application.

Rental Requirements:

  • Required verification with past two (2) landlords or two (2) years of rental history including current rental history from an unrelated third party.
  • If less than two years of verifiable rental history, a credit score of 650 or greater is required.
  • Home ownership is verified through county tax assessor and applicant must show mortgage payments are current.
  • Guarantors are only allowed for student applicants and must be an immediate family member meeting all other rental criteria (Must be enrolled in two or more classes to qualify as a student).
  • More than three (3) late payments or two (2) returned checks within a twelve (12) month period or a rental eviction within the last seven (7) years will result in denial of the application.
  • History of unreasonable damage or behavior to or in apartments will result in denial of the application.

Credit Requirements:

  • Credit score of 650 and higher requires standard security deposit of 75% of one month’s rent rounded up to the nearest $25.
  • Credit score of 550-649 require deposit equal to 100% of one month’s rent.
  • Credit score of 549 and below results in the denial of the application.

Criminal Criteria:

  • Any arrest or conviction for manufacturing, distributing, or possessing a controlled substance not resolved by acquittal or dismissal may result in denial of the application.
  • Any felony conviction for an offense involving actual or potential injury to a person or property not resolved by acquittal or dismissal may result in the denial of the application

Fair Housing:

  • It is illegal to refuse to show or rent an apartment to anyone because that person is a member of a legally protected class. This protection also extends to discrimination against a protected person in the terms, conditions, privileges, or provision of services, including different rent, security deposit, term of a lease, qualifying application criteria, income standards, and fees or credit analysis.